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Welcome to the website of the International Society for the mock History of the World.You don't need to be a member to surf our pages. In fact we encourage you to do so, in order to enhance your understanding of history. We invite you to read our mission statement and factsheet, however.


More about the ISmHW, it's methods of research, recruitment as well as fundraising, see our factsheet.

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It is the mission of the ISmHW to rewrite the history of the world in a way that is at the same time more interesting, enjoyable and credible than official history.


Missions of the International Society

Mocking Limburg

Melons and conjectured mass graves, is there a connection? Read about the ongoing discussion between the scientists.



The Belgium Mission

It ain't no joke, this time a team was dispatched to look for archeological evidence of possible misbehaviour on part of the Belgium people as a reaction to the jokes about them by the Dutch. And found it!


Mission team attacked by vicious worms!

This time nature started experimenting with our mission team, instead of the other way round!! Read - and listen to - the frightening experiences of one of our mission teams as it visited the Blasket Islands...


Prehistoric windscreen

A team of three was sent to the Dutch island Terschelling in order to do experimental research into the possibility of surviving the strong sandstorms on the beaches of the same. Read more about this ...

Iron crown of thorns

In a heroic effort to follow in the footsteps of Ötzi as he traveled through Austria's Alps near the Italian border, our team discovered what may well have been the thorn crown of a well known religious leader.
Read more about this...


Prehistoric shaving knife

As a team of six of our highly valued members tracked the Lake District in England, the watchfulness of one of them, led to the discovery of a prehistoric shaving knife. It is believed to play a crucial role in the domestication of the Britain island.
Available soon...